Martinson Ventures

Martinson Ventures has funded more than 40 companies. Initial investment ranges from $250 thousand to $3.5 million.

Company profile:

  • $0.5 to $5.0 Million fundraising
  • $1 to $15 Million revenue
  • Proprietary software and information products
  • 20+% revenue growth
  • Profitable within a year
  • Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and surrounding states

Uses of capital to accelerate growth:

  • Hire sales reps and application specialists
  • Execute marketing campaigns
  • Expand distribution channels
  • Develop account management capabilities
  • Enter adjacent markets
  • Broaden geographically, including internationally
  • Enhance current products
  • Build next generation products
  • Recruit functional management talent
  • Provide working capital

Transaction types:

  • LLC and C corporation
  • Expansion financing
  • Liquidity for founders, investors and management
  • Acquisitions
  • Debt reduction and re-cap financings

Value-add contributions by Martinson Ventures:

  • Advise on business strategy, sales channels and team-building
  • Introduce financing sources for equity, debt, leasing and grants
  • Refer proven managers, developers and sales reps
  • Organize and lead board of directors

Martinson Ventures eagerly considers investment opportunities from entrepreneurs or advisers. Please forward an executive summary, slide deck, or business plan to John Martinson at We will evaluate fit and respond promptly.

Martinson Ventures also considers these investment classes:

  • secondary stock purchases in late stage private companies
  • secondary and primary purchases of venture capital and private equity fund partnerships
  • thinly-traded public stocks
  • turnaround situations, including bankruptcies

Martinson Ventures | 23 S. Lincoln Ave, Newtown, PA 18940 | 215-493-1885